About us

The Subscription Box For Christians!

Spreading God’s Glory, Supporting Christian Artists, Creators, and Small Businesses, And Feeding Hungry Americans!

Our mission statement: Psalm 96:3, “Declare his glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples.” God’s Glory Box is a community of like-minded Christians, whom want to support the greater cause. The greater cause is to promote GOD’S GLORY! That is US- God’s creations! With each box shipped we are spreading God’s Glory, promoting small Christian artists, creators, and businesses, and donating 100,000 meals to FeedingAmerica.org per year (What an amazing charity!)!

We are going to try and do our part by helping Christians receive meaningful, high-quality, and thought to provoke Christian items!

We here at God’s Glory Box realize we have an incredible platform to make a difference. There are a lot of problems in this world, but we have chosen world hunger as our particular area we want to improve through a partnership with FeedingAmerica.Org.

We want to tackle this issue head-on by donating 100,000 meals per year to those in need per box shipped.Donations will be paid annually. We will be keeping count and documenting our donations on our MEAL COUNT page.500,000 thus far!
We have also established our Glory Program, linking Christian donors with those who need a donated box! We get many requests by individuals who would like to donate to the cause and to those in need and we get many requests for free boxes; so we have developed this program to expedite the process!

We hope our community will be motivated to help us in promoting the Glory of God and to support those in need. Each box contains 1-2 (X 2) shareable items to allow our community to easily spread the word.

We ensure that each of our community members are satisfied by shipping high quality, hand picked Christian related items to be inspired and to inspire others.

Picture this- you or someone you love gets high-quality Christian made products monthly ALL WHILE feeding those in need of help! Follow our Facebook and Instagram pages for inspiring, high-quality e-content daily!

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