Angels Program

Hello! We here at God’s Glory Box LOVE Christian bloggers, authors, and all of those who spread the word of God’s Glory! We have designed an exciting program, our “Angels Program” which gives YOU an opportunity to join us on this mission to spread the word of God’s Glory, to support small Christian artists, creators and businesses, and to feed the hungry here in America! The extent to which you participate completely depends on YOU! That is the most exciting part!

The program goes as follows:


Email us at with a specific name desired for a $10 off coupon for 1 or 3 month plan or 50% off our 6 month, 12 month, or lifetime plan. For example, utilizes the following codes:


We will email you your codes! They are ready to go 🙂 Use them in posts or blogs and our system will track the number of referrals!


Email us intermittently or contact directly with our Social Media lead to check on the number of referrals. Our referral system goes as follows:

Refer 10 new customers and receive your choice of $250 (paypal or check) or 12 complementary boxes (to be set up as a 12 month plan)

Refer 50 customers and you receive 5 of the credits above ($1,250) plus our very nice custom made GGB sweatshirt and t shirt in your size 🙂

Refer 1000 customers for $2,500 and 5 LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS to God’s Glory Box.

* Please note that you cannot both use the coupons for your own use and claim the referral bonus- therefore all valid referrals must be to unique individuals other than the Angel :)*



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