Glory Program

Hello! We here at God’s Glory Box are so excited to be in the position to promote Christian artists and creators while donating many meals to FeedingAmerica! We want all Christians to be able to to participate, however we do recognize and understand that not everyone has extra income to subscribe. We also have been blessed by the many Christian subscribers who have offered to donate boxes to those who could not afford them; therefore, we have created a program to expedite this process!

On this page you can:
1) Apply for a free Box- Simply fill out the email form below with your name, email address, shipping address, shirt size and brief narrative. We will respond within a month regarding when the free box will be sent.
2) Donate to the Glory Program- Simply select the paypal logo below! Funds will go directly to our Glory Program Fund which will be used to fund those free boxes mentioned above.

INSERT EMAIL FORM BELOW – Needs new email address —— The form needs to include a way to enter name, email, shirt size, shipping address and a space for a short paragraph.


How Funds are used (amounts are for example and ANYTHING helps!):
– A $29 donation would equal 1 box donated and 5 meals donated.
– A $290 donation would equal 10 boxes donated and 50 meals donated.
-A $2900 donation would equal 100 boxes donated and 500 meals donated.
-A $29,000 donation would equal 1000 boxes donated and 5,000 meals donated. This would grant the donor a honorary position on our Board of Directors which includes Products Committee and Vision and Mission Input!

Any individual or company that donates $2500 or more can have a banner or logo of their choice shared on this page so that we can honor your generosity!