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12 Month Subscription

$288.00 / year

Support amazing Christian artists and creators with God’s Glory Box! With this box you are contributing to our mission to donate 100,000 meals per year to feedingamerica.org. We have donated 500,000 thus far! This box is truly made by Christians, for Christians!

With Gods Glory Box you will receive amazing Christian products to your doorstep every month so you can spread the words of Gods love. Shipping is always free!


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What’s inside your box?

We work extremely hard to ensure that our customers will enjoy each and every box they receive and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

You can expect to receive handpicked Christian items such as t-shirts, jewelry, snacks, bathworks and books.

We also include sharable items so can promote the spreading of God’s Glory! Our team is always ready if you have any questions! We love our customers and customer service is our number one priority.

Did you know? It takes about 1.5 months for us to plan and organize each box because we want to make sure that you truly will enjoy the products in it!



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What our customers have to say

Tammy Lawson
I got my God's Glory Box, it was such a Blessing. To not really know will be in it is knowing God's in what they are doing. Thank you.
Jen Corson
Highly recommend! This was my first Glory box and everything inside made me smile! I love love love my shirt and my necklace. I will be ordering another one very soon!!!
Tabatha Ira
I think that it is a great idea for the boxes especially when we are all stuck at home
Scott N-Tiffany Tackett
I just signed up in December, and so far I love it. I signed up after the December box was sent so my 1st box should have been January, but customer service messaged me to say they had some leftover boxes and sent me November AND December at no charge. I signed up for lifetime, and gifted my mother the free 6 month subscription that came with it, and they sent her the 2 extra boxes too! I can't wait for t-shirts!
Donna Muser
I haven't ordered yet, but I plan to in the future. I like the deals they post for 50%off and the items seem really nice. Awesome that they donate to hungry families.
Jennifer Wolf
Y'all are doing GOD'S work and BLESSING people tremendously!! Thank you and GOD BLESS!!
Cindy Huett
Loved my first box! Can’t wait to see all the goodies to come!!
Mandy Lynn
New Christian and this is a really cool box an be very good to have! Very inspiring! 🙏✨💕
Samie Spooner
beautiful beautiful blessings!
Irene Martinez
I love my monthly boxes! I look forward every month to be surprised with new items that I get to use. My favorite are the t-shirts 😊
Bethany Degnan
I would recommend this box to anyone! cutest Christian goodies. Timely shipping and well worth the subscription!!!
Edith Butler
supports Christian small business and gives back by providing meals for the hungry
Maxine Rose
My kids got me a year of God’s Glory Boxes for Christmas and it has been AMAZING! I love the excitement of opening each box and seeing the wonderful goodies inside. It’s like having Christmas every month! ❤️
Candace B Polk
Please check your FB messages. There was no number to call and I really need my order question answered. Thank you so much!
Tina Neiles
I love it . I look forward each month. I love it when people comment about my stuff I get.
Heather Bese
It was so fun to receive a box myself after going through stage 3+ ovarian cancer this year. My subscription came with 6 months free for someone else, so I sent to an Aunt to show God's Love is with her since our Uncle passed away and we couldn't be there because of my health and Covid restrictions. This is a great gift for any occasion!
Emily Wantz
I haven't received mine yet but am eagerly anticipating some great stuff! During these uncertain times it's nice to have a ray of sunshine on it's way to brighten the day. Thank you to my dear friend, Pamela for the birthday gift of this subscription!
Lori Hills Briggs
I am new to this and was very excited to receive my first box. I loved the t shirt with scripture on it and the book and magnets. I am so excited to get a new box each month, God is good !
Rachel Pel
definitely worth it!!!!!!
Amy Hodgekiss
I received my first box and was so excited to open it. Been using the book for my Bible study. Shared the cards with people. Love the shirt. Can’t wait til next months

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Some of our past boxes

Each month, you can expect:

Christian Jewelry and Arts

We feature Christian made jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets and earrings 4-6 times per year! Each piece is inspired by KJV bible verses and made with the highest quality and detail! We also feature Christian arts including music, wood art, and stationary!

Christian Shirts and Books

We feature high quality, Christian made t-shirts in your size 6-8 times per year! Shirts are designed with KJV bible verses as inspiration! We also feature Christian authors’ books 6-8 times per year! These books are a great way to keep the good Lord around us all year!

Christian Soaps and Bathware

We feature Christian made and inspired soaps and bathworks 5-7 times per year! You can expect KJV bible verse inspired soap, sugar scrub, towels, and more!

Help spread Gods Glory, get your box today!

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