Our February Box Ships on Friday, 1st February
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3 Month Subscription

$90.00 every 3 months

Support amazing Christian artists and creators with God’s Glory Box! With this box we will donate 5 meals for feedingamerica.org. This box is truly made by Christians, for Christians!

With Gods Glory Box you will receive amazing Christian products to your doorstep every month so you can spread the words of Gods love. Shipping is always free!


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All our subscriptions gave free shipping!

Over 35,000 customers

We have shipped over 175,000 boxes!

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What’s inside your box?

We work extremely hard to ensure that our customers will enjoy each and every box they receive and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

You can expect to receive handpicked Christian items such as t-shirts, jewelery, snacks, bathworks and books.

We also include sharable items so can promote the spreading of God’s Glory! Our team is always ready if you have any questions! We love our customers and customer service is our number one priority.

Did you know? It takes about 1.5 months for us to plan and organize each box because we want to make sure that you truly will enjoy the products in it!



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What our customers have to say

Kaylee Byers
Very inspiring and encouraging! Highly recommend! This is the best monthly subscription i have found yet!
Mimi Zenni
Inspirational happy mail.
Nicole Gunnoe-lemasters
love this whole concept up lifting
Drema Dutka
it's a great way to send gifts to families or friends for Christmas
Brittany Reed
God’s glory showing right up to your front door! It is not everyday Jesus knocks on your door but when He does get excited and answer it!
Mikaela Shannon
Gods glory box is so encouraging and uplifting to receive or to share to others ❤️
Cheryl Krutch
What a great way to enjoy Goods word!! Also supporting Christian artists, which I love!
Alexis Armacost
I love how the boxes are filed with Godly things just to bless people 🙂
Corrine Walk
Unique products that help to serve the Lord.
Brittany Daucsavage
love that there is a box something to get in a subscription that involves god. thank you for creating this.
Robin Thompson
Looking forward to my first box after reading the great reviews.
Montana Thatcher
I love your boxes and how unique each one is!
Dina Vargas
love how this subscription helps other and spreads God's,love, agape love! not only through the boxea purchased but through the giving to those in need this company does! to God be the glory! continue to shine the light on a dark lost world one box at a time!
Melissa Mary Margaret
I truly love every God’s Glory Box that arrives in my mailbox monthly! The ways the artisans you choose share their products with us warms my heart. Even more than the products I receive each month, I enjoy sharing them with others through sharing the Good News! ✝️
Hannah Regnier
I love that each small box is packed with so many uplifting items. I dont always use everything so some items get regifted to others to receive God's blessings. But its all unique and Jesus centered!

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Some of our past boxes

Each month, you can expect:

Christian Jewelry and Arts

We feature Christian made jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets and earrings 4-6 times per year! Each piece is inspired by KJV bible verses and made with the highest quality and detail! We also feature Christian arts including music, wood art, and stationary!

Christian Shirts and Books

We feature high quality, Christian made t-shirts in your size 6-8 times per year! Shirts are designed with KJV bible verses as inspiration! We also feature Christian authors’ books 6-8 times per year! These books are a great way to keep the good Lord around us all year!

Christian Soaps and Bathware

We feature Christian made and inspired soaps and bathworks 5-7 times per year! You can expect KJV bible verse inspired soap, sugar scrub, towels, and more!

Help spread Gods Glory, get your box today!

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Use the promo code GODISGREAT25 and get $25 off your first box!

THROUGH AUGUST 15: Use coupon 40PERCENT for 40% off 6 month, 12 month, and Lifetime Plans!
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