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$150.00 every 6 months

Support amazing Christian artists and creators with God’s Glory Box! With this box we will donate 5 meals for feedingamerica.org. This box is truly made by Christians, for Christians!

With Gods Glory Box you will receive amazing Christian products to your doorstep every month so you can spread the words of Gods love. Shipping is always free!


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What’s inside your box?

We work extremely hard to ensure that our customers will enjoy each and every box they receive and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

You can expect to receive handpicked Christian items such as t-shirts, jewelery, snacks, bathworks and books.

We also include sharable items so can promote the spreading of God’s Glory! Our team is always ready if you have any questions! We love our customers and customer service is our number one priority.

Did you know? It takes about 1.5 months for us to plan and organize each box because we want to make sure that you truly will enjoy the products in it!

What our customers has to say

Jessica Wheeler Jackson
January 26, 2018.
I love that when you buy a box they donate 5 meals. I’d rather splurge on something for myself that will also benefit others in need��
Melissa Woods
November 27, 2017.
I Loved my Box and the awesome customer service. �
Amy Hasselburg
December 10, 2017.
I love getting the boxes in the mail! Always such a blessing
Carrie Ann Fletchall
November 27, 2017.
I love That you spread God in Christian gifts and help others at the same time!
Kayla Braun
February 10, 2019.
This is an amazing company! I love that I can get a little dose of God’s love every month in my mailbox! What an awesome way to spread His word!! They truly care for others, last year I was part of a team that went to Chile for missions. We were doing an auction fundraiser and I contacted The owners at God’s Glory Box about a donation (not thinking anything would come of it), and they offered to donate a box! I was so blown away at how caring they were and willing to help us out. They honestly love others and care about spreading the gospel. It’s a breathe of fresh air to find a company so real and so caring! Thank you for what you do!! I would recommend this monthly box to anyone, anytime! It makes a great gift for others and a personal gift to be uplifted.
Sandy Tucker-Gaston
November 27, 2017.
I love getting spiritual gifts each month for me and to share !
Michele Jenkins
April 26, 2018.
What an awesome idea to spread God’s love & give encouragement to our friends & family or maybe someone we have never even met!! Love this!
Brianna Clemmons
June 11, 2019.
What a great way to include God in your daily life!!
Maxine Carr
September 9, 2018.
Great concept and idea. I love being introduced to new Christian artists and products!
Michele Jenkins
April 26, 2018.
What an awesome idea to spread God’s love & give encouragement to our friends & family or maybe someone we have never even met!! Love this!
Tonya Rene Darby
December 11, 2018.
Just got my first box! Loved it! Can’t wait to see what’s in my next box!
Annette Klepadlo
March 6, 2018.
My first box came yesterday! It felt like my birthday lol! Love all the items in there. Very cool idea!
Lupita Reynaga Llamas
February 10, 2019.
what better way to feel closer to God!
Lisa Marie Grimm
September 19, 2018.
I love getting something encouraging every month. Things I can share or just keep to myself. These boxes are awesome. Only thing I’d change is better contact besides email. I’d like to be able to call if a problem or change in information. Great
Shauna Farmer
October 5, 2017.
I really enjoy this box is fun an your helping others out too �The brownie was awesome �
Sharon Dean
July 6, 2019.
I signed up for a 6 month subscription. Got my first box today. Very happy. Glad I signed up. Excellent customer service
Samantha Michelle
April 22, 2019.
great products that point you to God’s love
Misty Mullins
April 26, 2018.
Love my box last month and can’t wait for next months.
Paula Goodman
July 20, 2019.
The box’s give you something to look for and it’s just another gift from God. It gives you excitement and joy.
Kylee Marie Brannon
January 9, 2019.
Loved my January box! Great way to start the new year!

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Some of our past boxes

Each month, you can expect:

Christian Jewelry and Arts

We feature Christian made jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets and earrings 4-6 times per year! Each piece is inspired by KJV bible verses and made with the highest quality and detail! We also feature Christian arts including music, wood art, and stationary!

Christian Shirts and Books

We feature high quality, Christian made t-shirts in your size 6-8 times per year! Shirts are designed with KJV bible verses as inspiration! We also feature Christian authors’ books 6-8 times per year! These books are a great way to keep the good Lord around us all year!

Christian Soaps and Bathware

We feature Christian made and inspired soaps and bathworks 5-7 times per year! You can expect KJV bible verse inspired soap, sugar scrub, towels, and more!

Help spread Gods Glory, get your box today!

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November Deal: ORDER A 6 or 12 month plan then email admin@godsglorybox.com for a FREE BONUS CHRISTMAS Box with a shirt in your size!
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