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Product Submissions

*PLEASE READ BEFORE FORMALLY SUBMITTING A PRODUCT SUBMISSION. If you can meet these requirements and needs, email links, pics, and pricing to admin@godsglorybox.com


If you are seeing this page it is likely because you have submitted or are contemplating submitting a product for a feature in our monthly subscription boxes. Below are our specifications. IF you can meet each of these requirements and the quantity listed below- please submit a proposal with wholesale pricing for the particular month below with ALL costs included, including shipping to Denver, Colorado. Keep in mind this is a FANTASTIC marketing opportunity to grow your business as you will be reaching THOUSANDS of quality leads in individuals who love YOUR products. We do the promoting through our powerful, high reach platform! We receive many submissions per day and do consider pricing most important as we have a difficult and limited products budget.

Full through 2019 but we have many plans for expansions so we would love to see your submissions for those expansions or for 2020! If your price is low enough or FREE we will surely do our best to get the feature in faster! We also sell ad space on our website and sell flyer space in our boxes. Inquire at admin@godsglorybox.com. Send physical samples of products to:
God’s Glory Box
2045 S. Valentia St.
Unit 21
Denver, Co. 80231

2020- 12,500-20,000 units


Our requirements:

We require all items to be shipped so that we receive ALL items in the order 1 month or 30 days prior to shipment. For example, we would need September Box items by August 1st, allowing our staff a month to pack and prepare the boxes. For all submissions approved through July 2018 we will honor whatever terms were agreed upon (generally requiring products 15 days in advance).

We pay 100% upon delivery for all boxes post August 2018. For Boxes March-August 2018 we will abide by terms of 50% 45 days before shipment with the remaining 50% paid upon delivery. We will no longer be prepaying for products. We do understand the burden but please appreciate our own working capital and liquidity needs.****** DD NOT SEND YOUR PRODUCT EARLY!!! WE DO NOT HAVE THE SPACE OR THE CAPITAL TO PREPAY FOR ITEMS MONTHS AND MONTHS IN ADVANCE OF THEIR FEATURE!!!!! ******** WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO NOT PAY UNTIL THE DELIVERY TERM EXPRESSED IN EACH VENDOR CONTRACT ********

Seller/Featuree is responsible for 100% of value of products until delivered safely to our warehouse. It is up to e seller/featuree to decide if they would like to put insurance on the shipment (at your own risk). We will request all product submissions to list only a FINAL PROPOSED PRICE.

We prefer to pay by pay pal and or credit card but can pay by check.

Items we look to include and our budget per item:

Clothes: Shirts, beanies, hats, scarves, gloves, bandanas, aprons, etc. (Up to $3.25 depending on quality)

Jewelry: bracelets, necklaces, jewelry of all sorts (Generally $2-3 although it depends on quality)

Reading and literature: books, journals, diaries, comics, short stories, and novels. Our box is only 8x5x3 (please submit dimensions) (Generally $2-3 depending on quality)

Media: cds, dvd’s, digital music downloads (Digital downloads free-0.25 with card/musical lp’s up to 2.25 depending on quality)

Food and Drink: Snacks, baked goods, sweets and treats, coffee, tea ($1.25 maximum per item)

Bathworks and Home: candles, bath bombs, soap, skin cream, lip balm, custom kitchen items (Generally $2-3.25 depending on quality)

Art: Custom lettered photos, photography, framable pictures, cards, stickers, decals (Generally 0.3-0.8 per print depending on quality and whether it is handmade or mass printed)

Other: Bible verses, scripture, bible commentary, devotionals, mugs, cups (Varies)

How the Process Works:

We submit pictures, links, and pricing to our products committee for consideration

Our products committee takes into consideration QUALITY and PRICE in making an exciting box each month

If approved, we will email back as soon as possible to begin purchase order/agreement processes

If denied, we try to email but due to the large number of submissions we cannot get back to everyone. You can always email us at admin@godsglorybox.com to check on the status of your submission.

All approved vendors are required to submit to us a purchase order/agreement that both parties can sign to abide by through the process. Below is a template- we prefer to keep it short and sweet.

We pay 50% 45 days in advance of that month’s shipment (February items are paid 50% by December 15)

You get the products to us AT LEAST 15 days before that month’s shipment (February items must be received by us by January 15) ****** For all submissions

POST August 2018, we will no longer pay in advance. We will pay upon receipt of the complete shipment of products which we will require 1 month in advance. ******

We ship out the boxes on the 1st of each month and thousands of subscribers will be exposed to your products and company! Traffic and sales will increase! Our community will love their box! We will donate many, many meals! Success!


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